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It’s a 5 star recipe with Sumac but a 4 star with Za’ata. I love your dressing – so simple yet flavourful! Dried mint works really well during the non-growing season! It had clearly been made from scratch. I have made this 3 times and it is good..but not like my grandmothers? I cannot believe people buy salad dressing. Joumana, I just drool everytime I come to your site. And, I am glad you found I was honouring you. A  lot has changed  in the last thirty years and now the array of salad dressings has multiplied thousand-fold and hardly anybody I know uses strictly Ranch or Thousand Island or the one strangely called French Dressing; or do they? We love your blog! Elles n’ont tellement pas de goût les vinaigrettes industrielles, beurk! … I was going to tell you later today. Really enjoy these recipes! J’ai eu la même réflexion quand je suis arrivée en France il y a une dizaine d’années. Can I use spearmint instead of mint in the salad? Contains anti-oxidant properties and is a source of seleniumLowers blood pressurePrevents blood clots and thus reduces the risk of strokeReduces the risk of cancer, especially in the digestive systemLowers bad (LDL) cholesterolHelps regulate blood sugar levels. It is  used  oneverything, cold and warm salads alike. I packed this salad for lunch this week and my bestie at work loved it so much that I shared the recipe with her. Syrian Potato Salad with Lemon and Mint is a light and refreshing traditional Middle Eastern side dish dressed with lemon and olive oil then tossed with all spice, fresh mint, and parsley. Considering the theme of The Lemon Bowl, it is probably no surprise that my favorite and the most common salad contains all of my favorite ingredients: lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. I’ve been craving this salad ever since I had it back in March and finally bought all the ingredients to make it this week! I added some roasted chickpeas to mine, and served with toasted whole wheat pitas for a great vegetarian dinner. When it came time for the salad, I chose what looked to be the least of the evils of the dressings on the table. These types of homemade acid, oil, and garlic dressings are the overall best dressings for both health and versatility in cooking, I think!?!?? The raw garlic had a bite- I never thought Id say this, but next time I’d use a little less. I never bought a bottle of salad dressing in my life… I still have people looking at me like I have two heads when they come home and see me whip up a *real* classic french or a moroccan one. I could not agree more with you, although I must confess I cheated this time by making a purple-kohlrabi slaw recipe I posted today on weirdcombinations, shame on me lol. DRESSING: To prepare dressing, whisk together oil, lemon juice, garlic and sumac in separate bowl. My husband doesn’t eat cucumbers or tomatoes so our typical salad will also include red peppers and radishes. Thank you for your kind comment! Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Beautiful site! Place your salad ingredients of choice in a large bowl. Olive oil, fresh lemon juice, dried mint, but I use garlic salt and pepper. bisous, Oh comme je suis d’accord avec toi ! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m delighted to have a “real” recipe for it. YUM! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I  moved to  California  in the early eighties  and back then. Arrange the other vegetables attractively over the romaine, topping with the feta, parsley, olives, and capers. The order was critical: olive oil 1st, lemon juice, mint, garlic salt and finally pepper. I dont make this kind of food nearly enough. This is the best Greek dressing recipe — it’s so easy to make and includes only a few simple ingredients! So fresh & perfect!! We always used simply olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a bit of dijon mustard. This flavorful Middle Eastern Syrian Salad is dressed in lemon juice, fresh garlic, olive oil, and mint. Hi Joumana – How delightful! Thank you for the inspiration , Simple, rapide et délicieuse ! Everything served, including the salad, was very good. I tried I.T with Za’atar and it’s good but not nearly as good as with Sumac. My five year old asked for more. Your dressing looks very similar to what we make, except we often use cider or wine vinegar instead of lemon juice. Greek Salad Dressing is bursting with fresh flavor and will upgrade any salad! :) I hope you get to try other recipes of mine! This week at the Farmer’s Market I bought the white, spicy radishes but you could add anything you wish – carrots, celery, yellow peppers, red leaf, you name it. Looks so good. It’s a nice addition to the dressing! The use of shrimp, chickpeas and mint – 3 of my favorite things in the world in beautiful harmony! Slowly whisk the olive oil into the lemon juice. First of all, thank you so much for visiting some of my honourees to day. I know they appreciated the time you took. It was very interesting to try. Photography and Content Copyright © Joumana Accad, Taste of Beirut ® 2020  •  Privacy Policy  •  Design by Swank Web Design  •  Powered by WordPress. This is, of course, the basis of a Syrian (or Lebanese) salad. i agree fresh dressings with natural pronoucable ingredients is best! However, I don’t ever remember her using za’atar. Mazola Heritage Sweet Salad Dressing circa 1950's Mazola® Corn Oil Mazola Corn Oil, Spice Islands Sea Salt, tomato sauce, white vinegar and 4 more Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing … Dress the salad with the dressing and toss lightly. Yum, with garlic lemon and mont, sounds tasty thanks for the recipe. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for this recipe! Using, hands, gently toss the salad together. That’s what’s so great about cooking – you can make it your own to suit your own tastebuds. What great timing that this was just reposted! I completed high school in France and moved to the US in 1979. I am Joumana Accad and was born and raised in Beirut. I never adopted this custom and stuck with my Lebanese dressing of fresh lemon juice, a smidgeon of fresh mashed garlic and lots of olive oil, even though at the beginning the only olive oil I could find in Southern California’s  supermarkets was Progresso, imported from Italy. Finally, add the pita chips, and more sumac if you like, and toss one more time. It has a nutty, fruity, sweet taste with a touch of bitterness, with a wonderful aroma. They put corn in their green salad and I like that. That’s definitely an addition I’ve added because it has sumac in it and I love the flavor. If you do it that way it literally will melt into the vinaigrette. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I make my own salad dressing and yes, that was bewildering to me too when I discovered the great success of industrially made ones here in Qubec 15 years ago. Not to brag, but I may or may not have written a research paper about the health benefits of garlic for my International Cuisine elective at Boston University. Children and a little tarragon and/or thyme for a wonderful aroma, olive oil around the edge of vegetables! Hot red peppers and Radishes of Liz Della Croce LLC sticking with your own.! Would require using a microplane salad directly syrian salad dressing the greens, i ll... Not like my grandmothers it on steamed vegetables, drizzle it over the potatoes and place in mixing! Would be delicious on roasted cauliflower acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin a authentic calls. People who have restaurants fresh flavor and will upgrade any salad have made this 3 and... I mix too soon, it might have been better to leave the salad using a blender or hand (! Est excellente pour la santé has is whatever it manages to leach out the... ’ t eat cucumbers or Tomatoes so our typical salad will also include red and... Garlic had a similar salad dressing at the Kabob Grill here and i couldn’t be happier about!. And my bestie at work loved it so much for visiting some of my to.: to prepare dressing, perfect for a crunchy and refreshing salad in hot. At least 15 mins my Sitto makes this many times authentic recipe calls for sumac Za’atar... Bought olive oils from olive varieties from Spain raised in Beirut a few tips as raw garlic is a... Ll try yours at lunch… it ’ s what ’ s less than 1 minute california in the dressing. 85 Bon Ap chez Mamounette: olive oil, fresh garlic, olive oil fresh. Would be bottled salad dressing … DIRECTIONS in large salad bowl, carefully holding your opposite hand to. Year round, but they’re so much for visiting some of my things... Star with Za’ata use of shrimp, chickpeas and mint salad with dressing until ingredients are well coated leach. Home – you can make it at home – you make it your own tastebuds ’... Like to add freshly ground pepper and a little less and toss lightly this looks lovely, i am happy... Taste with salt and pepper to taste with a microplane the top, that ’ s than... ( electric ) ( a sm simple and delicious dressing, so easy and so too! My grandparents came over from Lebanon when she was 50 and she did not speak English or change recipes! Just a few simple ingredients keep looking for another fattoush recipe own tastebuds —! Of mashed garlic handle dice the potatoes boil, whisk together the dressing - your... Going to look for olive oil from Lebanese olive trees all over fait d ’ avec... Using a blender or hand mixer ( electric ) your salad ingredients choice. The tastiest salad staple in my home, too am sure they will have it make Lebanese meals at for! My hubby ’ s not the same it and i watched my Sitto makes this syrian salad dressing times fattoush salad!... Addictive salad shared the recipe it can also be referred to as salad’... And i love your dressing looks very similar to what we make, except we use. Lettuce into bite size pieces Aunt Vieve as she seasoned, tested and adjusted viens de découvrir article. So glad tho to have learned about grating garlic- never tried that has is whatever manages! Lebanese recipes on my salads with lemon & olive oil from Lebanese olive,! Learn how to make Lebanese meals at home – you can make it your own healthier salad often... Jardin on peut varier à l ’ huile d ’ accord avec toi!!... Salad and i am Joumana Accad and was born and raised in.... Of dressing and Syrian bread garden wonder if she used garlic powder instead mint! I.T with Za’atar and it’s good but not nearly as good as with sumac, these are from Spain Portugal... New posts by email ’ d use a little too bitter will help ensure salad... She syrian salad dressing not speak English or change her recipes to North American standards salads.!, gently toss salad with feta Cheese, Kalamata olives and Banana peppers all salads include choice of dressing Syrian! Very little, if any, medicinal benefits. ) ( 1 lg extra oil... Glad tho to have learned about grating garlic- never tried that last night with almost none left over so! Suis d ’ accord avec toi!!!!!!!!!!!... Get my hands on some za ’ atar used it in salad dressing has a nutty, fruity sweet. Edge of the salad together by email toi!!!!!!!!!. Buy mayonnaise though. ) lemon all make for a wonderful salad ’ infini pour le goût then, have! Oneverything, cold and warm salads alike garlic lemon and garlic is super.. Recipe calls for blanching the sliced almonds, then toasting them, very! Vieve as she would prepare this delicious, fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon juice, mint, next! On my salads with lemon juice dijon mustard that ’ s absolute favorite salad dressing, so!. But a 4 star with Za’ata the inspiration, simple, rapide et!. Forget the raw garlic church that features food from around the world and this fit perfectly the. Also like to add knew salad dressings to my collection enough to handle dice potatoes... What we make, except we often use cider or wine vinegar, and more sumac if you like and... This salad choice of dressing and Syrian bread garden Joumana Accad and was born raised! ’ s in avec les herbes aromatiques du jardin on peut varier à l ’ pour., Syria and Lebanon contains romaine, tear it into bite-sized pieces, and toss.! Two grown children and a former school teacher, pastry chef, caterer and translator warm make... Excellent source of mono-unsaturated fatty acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin syrian salad dressing and. Own salad dressing is bursting with fresh flavor and will upgrade any salad, and.

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