bresse chicken for sale california

Create your breeder listing now! Bresse chicken originates from La Bresse, France. But there was a problem. Absolutely love doing business with Chicken Ridge Farm. com_currentSite = "846711355712520456";   You can also check our Available Now for special offers. Day Old Chick; Straight run 150 eggs per year; Brown eggs 6.5-8.5lbs full grown Shop. There is a breed called the Californian blue foot chicken that is an American-Canadian collaboration that reflects an attempt to recreate this breed in North America. Laying is consistent and they will lay in the winter. The Bresse chicks are sold to about 400 small farmers. The Bresse (which sounds like “Bress”) is a beautiful bird. } #wsite-title {font-size:15px !important;} We would love the opportunity to tell you about our chickens. I ordered 10 Bresse chicklets and received them this morning + two “packing peanuts”… all were healthy, eating and drinking within minutes of being unpacked, none the worse for their trip from California to New York. .wsite-menu a {} })(); A great dual purpose heritage chicken with the Red, White and Blue color. They are a hardy chicken and will surpass the White Leghorn in laying ability and long longevity. The bird's feathers are rust-colored often with white streaks, however darker shades are known, including maroon bordering on black. Brice was with us throughout the whole process, explaining and advising. _W.themePlugins = []; _W.recaptchaUrl = "";

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